Food Solution Factory

Food Solution Factory is an idea born in one of the busiest kitchens of India. The idea soon developed from providing technical support and consultancy services to tangible business solutions that support all the verticals within the Food & Beverage industry viz. hotels, restaurants, QSRs, catering companies, super markets. Airline catering, railway catering and all other types of institutional catering establishments.

Today Food Solution Factory has expanded its range from processed vegetable bases like onion, ginger, garlic, chilli pastes to ready to use gravies; and from pre-cooked beans and grains to ready to eat meals and desserts in Frozen as well as Retort format.
All of this has been possible due to the tireless efforts of the founders, who comprise of some of the best Chefs of their field as well as some pioneers of the Retort industry who’ve spent 30 years studying and mastering this art.
Through Food Solution Factory we offer you Soulful Food Solutions for your culinary needs!